Hospice Buffalo

We are Western New York's community based healthcare organization dedicated to the care and support of individuals with a serious or end of life illness.

We represent a passionate and diverse team of professionals dedicated
to the holistic care of human beings regardless of setting.

We are a Learning Organization with a goal of Education, Collaboration, Innovation, and Research.

In all we say and do and in all our interactions, we exemplify our principles by demonstrating the following values:

  • Excellence - Assuring the highest quality and exceeding expectations.
  • Compassion - Treating everyone with empathy, dignity and respect.
  • Service - Attending to the needs and best interests of others.
  • Teamwork - Actively supporting effective collaboration and communication in achieving common goals.
  • Innovation - Encouraging creative ideas and concepts that exceed the boundaries of established norms.
  • Integrity - Holding ourselves accountable for maintaining the highest ethical, moral and operational standards.


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